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Nokia's Pro Camera-Like Lumia 1020 Smartphone Leaks

We've wondered before if Nokia's PureView camera tech is the best weapon to win smartphone market share, but the embattled company is now poised to make the biggest play yet: Its upcoming Lumia 1020 phone has leaked, complete with a crazy-sounding 41-megapixel sensor and dedicated camera-grip peripheral.

Numerous leaks have popped up online, showcasing the phone's three color options, its "pro" camera app that lets you tweak settings like ISO and shutter speed, and its battery grip add-on. These last two are the giveaways that this is a camera with smartphone functions, like the Samsung Galaxy cameras. There's even a very blatant design "lie" that makes the camera portion of the phone look much bigger than it really is (that circle on the back that looks like a lens mount hides the fact the phone's lens is similar to most other small phone lenses).

We'll know more when the phone finally surfaces in its official launch, but with Samsung's ever-expanding Galaxy spamming efforts and several new iPhones coming, do you believe this is a maneuver that'll win Nokia billions in revenue?