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Facebook's iOS App Makes It Easier To Verify That Celebs Are Saying Dumb Things On Facebook

Famous people's accounts getting a little blue check mark? This must be Twitter!

Facebook has taken its new verified pages and profiles system, which guarantees content is indeed coming from the famous individual in question rather than a fake or parody source, to the next level: It's added little blue check mark icons to the accounts of verified individuals in its iOS app. Verified accounts could help Facebook push a lot more openly accessible status sharing across its network, with the reach of highly followed individuals meaning messages get broadcast much farther than a Facebook user's typical local friendship network.

While this is the same trick that now happens when you "find" a famous Facebooker on the Web, it's a significant move for Facebook because of its push to achieve greater use by mobile users (which is really the key to future revenues). It's also another example of Facebook emulating Twitter, which has had verified accounts for quite some time. They even use a curiously similar check mark icon. Recently, Facebook adopted the hashtag, one of Twitter's most widely used features.

[Image: By Flickr user Rene Schwietzke]

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