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Yelp Pilots Food Delivery in San Francisco and NYC

The reviews site has 100 local businesses on board, and is partnering with food-delivery startups Eat24 and to bring meals to San Francisco and New York City residents.

Yelp wants to become your one-stop shop for food. Earlier this week, the reviews site announced it was getting in the food-delivery business.

Founder Jeremy Stoppelman told participants at VentureBeat's MobileBeat 2013 conference that the company has 100 local businesses on board and is partnering with food-delivery startups Eat24 and to courier meals in San Francisco and New York City. There are plans to expand to other cities, though no specifics were available about the locations or timeline. (We've reached out to Yelp to find out more and will update this post when we hear back.)

By adding food delivery into its repertoire, Yelp is able to better engage its users, who no longer have to leave the reviews site to sate their appetites.

"The idea is that there are all these consumers shopping on the site, and Yelp Platform allows them to take that next step—to transact," Stoppelman told VentureBeat. "The Yelp experience is all about going to local businesses. As you switch between different services, you as the consumer will have a one-stop shop."

Last week, the company debuted another interesting feature: The Yelp Wordmap shows a heat map based on keyword frequency within reviews, helping you avoid (or find) hipster and tourist spots.

[Image: Flickr user Mark Turnauckas]