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Jay-Z Is Performing "Picasso Baby" And Dancing With Strangers For Six Hours Because, Art

Also, because everybody's a performance artist now.

As if that exclusive album release date for one million Samsung Galaxy owners didn't generate enough attention for Magna Carta Holy Grail, superstar rapper Jay-Z is spending six hours today performing "Picasso Baby," a single off the album.

Jay is performing in front of an invite-only crowd at Pace Gallery in New York City's Chelsea neighborhood, studded with famous faces such as director Judd Apatow, Girls actor Adam Driver and Girls costar Lena Dunham's mother. It's all part of a shoot for the "Picasso Baby" music video. And as the waterfall of resulting Vines and Instagram videos indicate, it was quite a show:

Vine user CEDAR:

Vine user CEDAR:

Vine user Thessaly:

At one point Jay danced with performance artist Marina Abramović:
Vine user CEDAR:

And he gave his chain to this kid:

Instagram user @Nately:

The stunt is reminiscent of other recent examples of celebrities-as-performance-artists around the city, such as The Maybe, actress Tilda Swinton's one-woman piece that involved sleeping in a glass box at the Museum of Modern Art; or actor James Franco's "multimedia performative work," Bird Shit, at MoMA's PS1.

[Image: Twit Pic by @BravinLee]

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