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Instagram Catches Up To Twitter With Embeddable Photos

Instagram pictures can now be embedded in any web page, ending the photo giant's longtime mobile-first policy.

Instagram Catches Up To Twitter With Embeddable Photos

Instagram launched its newest feature today: web embeds for all publicly viewable Instagram pictures. A share button on pictures viewed via Instagram's website, directly below the "Like" and "Comment" buttons, produces HTML code for embedding. The pictures can then be added to any picture or blog, YouTube-style.

Beyond making web designers and content creators very happy, the share function also makes sense for Instagram and its Facebook paymasters. Instagram recently added user tagging to images, and this is the natural next step for extending the photo-sharing platform's already considerable footprint. Strictly mobile-only services are no longer in vogue, and the functionality is also an easy way for Instagram to tweak its rivals at Twitter.

As for ordinary web users, well, it just looks pretty cool. Here's the cover of the #unplug issue of Fast Company, as seen on our Instagram account: