Twitter Maps America’s Favorite Burgers

Planning a summer road trip? This interactive map by PeekAnalytics charts millions of tweets in over 12,000 cities to find the 20 most popular burger chains, and surfaces some surprising trends. While the big boys like McDonald’s and Burger King are the most chatted about, there are many more cult favorites that punch far above their weight in the social media space. For example:

Shake Shack, the semi-haute burger and malted joint, has fans in Nebraska, 1,300 miles from the nearest location. In-N-Out Burger has just as many vocal devotees on the East Coast as on the West, despite having zero locations east of the Mississippi. And Sonic has a posse–a Texas posse.

These data points, like the cronut craze and the wildly successful Noodles & Company IPO, are part of a trend. We seem to be living through a moment of convergence between food and social media where no meal is too mundane to be hashtagged and shared online.

[Images via PeekAnalytics]AK