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The Code War

Hackers Attack Microsoft After Google Revealed Security Weakness

Microsoft is irritated that PC hackers have apparently used a security flaw that was pointed out by a Google researcher without alerting Microsoft to the facts.

Hackers have launched "targeted attacks" on Microsoft using a bug built into Windows—and Microsoft's language in describing the attacks suggest they are of the cyber espionage type.

The particular bug in question was revealed by Google's Tavis Ormandy, a security engineer, back in May. But Ormandy revealed the bug on the Web without telling Microsoft first. Normally a serious bug report like this is made to the company in question so it can patch the hole before the information is made public. According to the Guardian, Ormandy has reacted to Microsoft's complaint by saying the company's security office was hard to work with.

[Image: By Flickr user Samat Jain]

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