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Today's Most Innovative Company: NASA, Planning To Send A New Rover To Mars

While NASA sets its sights on the future of space travel, we love that it still has time to respond to its biggest fans, and fuel the dreams of young star-gazers.

It may be old, but NASA is constantly pumping out new ideas and concepts for space travel and exploration. Yesterday it announced a new Mars Rover for 2020 as exploration of the Red Planet heats up.

How many things do we know about now thanks to NASA? I don't think I can even count them. And while it focuses on writing the future of space travel, it still makes time to responding to its biggest fans' letters.

As well as otherworldly stuff, NASA's employees routinely deal with issues that our planet has to face, creating rovers that will explore Earth's extremities, and hopefully help provide some answers to climate change.

Maybe, if NASA keeps it up, it will be on the next list of the world's Most Innovative Companies.

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