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Buried iOS 7 Code Gives Rise To Slow-Motion iPhone Camera Rumor

The feature, called Mogul, was found inside iOS 7 beta.

Is a slow-motion camera feature going to be a feature on the new iPhone? That's what 9to5Mac thinks, claiming there is evidence buried in Apple's iOS 7 beta of a new "Mogul" mode for taking 120 frames-per-second video—producing faster, more precise footage that is usually slowed down.

The rumor fits in well with the increasing popularity of camera trickery—with apps such as Vine and Instagram currently dominating consumer technology and being such an integral part of social media, a slow-mo string to Apple's bow would probably do quite well.

Apple will not be the only hardware firm to offer slow-motion footage, however, as Samsung's Galaxy S4 smartphone already records at 120 f/ps. The code from Cupertino doesn't work on an iPhone 5—9to5Mac attempted to test it out—but that doesn't mean it's not something we're going to see on a future iteration of the iPhone. The question is, when?

[Image by Flickr user Harry Vale]

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