BlackBerry Succumbs, Lets India Snoop On Its Servers

BlackBerry has been in a battle with Indian authorities over access to its secret-protecting servers, and now appears to have lost.

BlackBerry Succumbs, Lets India Snoop On Its Servers

Blackberry has been in a heated fight with the Indian Department of Telecommunications for over two years, with the government insisting that it needs access to the company’s servers to spy on local BlackBerry users for the purpose of protecting the state and preventing terrorism. BlackBerry has exerted pushback because protecting user data distinguishes it in the enterprise smartphone market. But a statement from the Department of Telecommunications now says the “lawful interception” system is ready, indicating the fight is over, and BlackBerry lost.

Other censorship-enthusiastic nations have used BlackBerry surveillance before, including the United Arab Emirates and possibly Indonesia. Considering the size of the Indian market, BlackBerry probably couldn’t risk being banned–its struggling badly and its CEO recently admitted its new launch efforts in the U.S. had gone wrong.

[Image: By Flickr user Matt Hurst]

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