• 07.08.13

Google Lets You Ride The Tour De France

Cycle nerds, you can partake of the iconic bike race, celebrating its centenary this year, courtesy of Google. And you don’t have to pedal, just scroll down the page as fast as your little fingers will take you!

Google has created a website for cycling fans that covers the Tour de France in exhaustive detail. Your Tour just went live, and allows desk-bound Tour fans to capture just about every exhaustive detail of the month-long race, now in its 100th year.


The site uses Street View and Google Maps, and has all sorts of cute little innovations, from photos shared on social media to seeing the race route from a Tour rider’s eye. The only things missing are the daily hair-clogged razors, the view from within the medical wagons, and the sweet(ish) smell of manpower mixed with tight Lycra.

How do you think it compares to the official site, which also makes full use of social media?

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