Egyptian Army Occupies State TV Offices

The Egyptian military forcibly took over the country’s state television network and assigned officers to oversee content as Cairo’s situation worsens.

In a terse Twitter message, the Associated Press reported from Cairo that Egypt’s military took over their state television network offices. The message was published under rushed conditions–the tweet did not follow Associated Press house style.

Hours before the takeover, the state television network forced all non-essential employees to go home, reportedly leaving only a skeleton staff of engineers and sending all reporters into the field. The Egyptian military is expected to launch a coup d’etat today, and massive crowds numbering in the hundreds of thousands are occupying the streets in Cairo, Alexandria, and other cities. Amid widespread discontent at President Mohammed Morsi’s autocratic rule, mishandling of the economy, a massively rising crime rate, and perceived inept governance, there are bigger protests now than there ever were during the Egyptian revolution

As for Morsi, he aired a rambling state address yesterday in which he openly challenged the Egyptian Army to battle. The situation in Egypt remains tense and unclear.

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