3 Tools For Accelerating Your Purpose-Fueled Career

If you seek meaningful work, you’re a leader. Here are three services to help you find it.

3 Tools For Accelerating Your Purpose-Fueled Career

If you’ve watched more TED Talks than Will Farrell movies lately, you may be yearning for a meaning-filled career. And while haters are going to hate , do-gooding go-getters have a number of resources at their disposal–like the three catalysts below.


First up: ReWork

To help purpose-driven jobseekers find meaningful careers, ReWork pairs qualified applicants with mission-fueled companies seeking their skills. After completing a short profile covering their education, skills, experience, and impact they care about (such as renewable energy, poverty alleviation, or disaster recovery), ReWork conducts searches for their client companies, while also putting on networking and skill-building events for candidates. Recent placements include positions at Acumen Fund, The InterSector Project, Youth Run New Orleans, and the Coexist Foundation.

ReWork CEO Nathaniel Koloc offers a few points to keep in mind on the job search:

  • Really know what you’re aiming for. Ask yourself how the world will be different because of your work. What legacy do you want to leave behind?
  • Strive for mastery. Find a Zen element to your work. Seek opportunities that allow you to improve your natural talents as well as skills you want to be better at.
  • Seek freedom. Freedom is the ability to choose whom you work with, what you work on, when and where you work each day, and that you’re paid enough to support the lifestyle you want.

And if you’re stressing about not knowing what your “calling” is, don’t. As Nathaniel says, “Your purpose will shift over time. It’s a simple question of, ‘How do you want the world to be different because of your work?’ If you don’t know, take some time to reflect, read, and talk to people. Act like a journalist.”

The second: Give to Get Jobs

Give to Get Jobs is a niche job board featuring for-profit social enterprise and corporate-social gigs, from internships to executive positions. Cofounder Stacy McCoy launched the business after she was working in the corporate world but yearning to make a social impact. When she couldn’t find a resource for purpose-based jobs, she created her own–and made it a social enterprise to boot (a portion of each listing fee is donated to a cause). Stacy shares her advice for others seeking purpose-driven jobs:

“Even if you don’t currently have a job in the social impact space, you can still build a brand in the space. Start writing and use social media to your advantage. If you can build a name for yourself in the sector, it will be easier to land a job.”

The third: GameChangers 500

GameChangers 500 is an alternative to the Inc. 500 and Fortune 500 lists, which rely on revenue to rank performance. The GC500, on the other hand, profiles purpose-driven organizations (which are vetted using the GameChangers DNA Test), helps mission-motivated candidates find careers, and offers tools for entrepreneurs looking to build companies worthy of the list.


“The next generation of leaders wants it all–positive impact, good pay, an exceptional work environment–and many of them are the founders of these GameChanger organizations,” says GameChangers 500 founder Andrew Hewitt. “They are forging a new standard in business that not only generates revenue but also creates a tribe-like culture where people are empowered, not just employed, and where impact is the new measure of success.”

Before beginning a search for a meaningful organization, Andrew suggests jobseekers get clear on three things:

  • Your unique strengths. If you’re not sure, Andrew recommends doing a profile test like or Strengths Finder.
  • Your core values. What traits do you value in yourself, others, and the ideal employer?
  • Your passion. What type of work would you do even if you didn’t get paid to do it?

These are a few of many tools to assist in finding a purpose-fueled career, but what these three companies prove is that there are countless well-paying opportunities to make a difference in the world–it’s just up to us to use our digital know-how to find them, research them, and then seize the ones we feel most aligned with.

Bianca Bartz is CMO at Change Heroes, a friend funding platform based in Vancouver, BC, that builds schools in partnership with Free the Children. Follow her on Twitter at @bianca_bartz.

[Image: Flickr user Abhishek Srivastava]