Apple Sued For Alleged Siri IP Violations In China

Apple has appeared in court in China over allegations that its Siri digital personal assistant service violates the IP of the Xiao i Robot software which debuted in 2004.

Apple has been accused of IP violations by Chinese firm Zhizhen Network Technology over the functions of Siri, the iOS digital personal assistant Apple debuted a few years ago after having bought out its original developers. Zhizhen says that Siri copies the functions of its Xiao i Robot software, which hit the market in 2004–three years ahead of the iPhone and the start of development for the original standalone Siri app.


The two companies have now appeared in court over the matter, with Apple’s defense said to include arguments that Siri works in very different ways to Xiao iRobot. Since its arrival on the scene Siri has been the subject of controversy but also has spurred rivals like Google, Amazon and Samsung into pursuing their own digital assistant projects.

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