5 Ways To Have A More Productive Summer

5 Ways To Have A More Productive Summer

The summer has already solsticed–so how do we sink our canines into the dog days yet to come? Inc. writer Les McKeown has a few ideas which we’ll furnish with our own.


As we noted throughout our unplugged week, there’s a subtle art to learning how to actually vacate on your vacation: as the root word vacate suggests, a proper vacation means leavings things (like to-do lists and the Internet!) behind. If Baratunde can do it, so can you–and you’ll hit your work harder on your return if you have a low-stimulation break.


The other option is a high-stimulation break: this is what separates vacation from travel. Travel gets difficult: cut to the Himalaya, the Appalachian Trail, and other forms of extreme pilgrimage. Such travels widen your bag of experiences, opening you up to making new connections between ideas.

Annual Review

Reflection, as we’ve learned, is one of the best ways to stay on the path of meaningful work–and as McKeown observes, the slowdown inherent to the summer months makes more space for career-y pondering than the usual holiday-packed resolution season.

Give Back

Teaching someone about what we do helps us understand what is we’re doing–in other words, teaching makes us smarter. So beyond the satisfaction of mentoring someone who wants to learn your craft, you get the very selfish benefits of becoming more aware of yourself.


The best staycations happen in your mind, or so PBS used to tell us. The slack created by the summer months is fine time for bibliophilic burrowing–the kind that can help you sustain healthy habits, productively procrastinate, and generally understand what the hell is going on in your life.

Hat tip: Inc.

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