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New Yelp Maps Identify Hipster Hotspots

And other places to avoid, like tourist traps, and overpriced restaurants. Better yet, the new map tool will help you find a cheap place to go when you're hungover.

New Yelp Maps Identify Hipster Hotspots

Want to go for dinner tonight but hoping to avoid the hipster scene? Yelp can help. Its new "Yelp Wordmap" tool allows users to see heatmaps of major metropolitan areas based on keyword frequency within reviews. Below is the New York hipster scene, according to the map:

Want to avoid the tourist hotspots?

And hoping to steer clear of yuppies? Good luck with that:

Currently the feature is only available in the 14 "Yelpiest" cities, but here's hoping it expands. It reminds us slightly of Radical Cartography, which in 2010 unveiled infographics that map city segregation with various different colors. And last year, a project called Livehoods analyzed 18 million Foursquare check-ins to map a city's invisible neighborhoods.