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Pebble Smartwatch Coming Exclusively To Best Buy Stores For $149.99

The smartwatch that raised more than $10 million on Kickstarter will be available for retail purchase, starting July 7, on Best Buy's website and in stores.

Pebble, the smartwatch that raised more than $10 million in the most successful project in Kickstarter history, will be available for purchase on Best Buy's website and at retail stores for $149.99 starting July 7. This is the first time the Pebble watch, which will be available in Jet Black only, has been available at brick and mortar stores.

Pebble attracted much attention for its programmable watch last year, when it first launched a Kickstarter. The watch, which syncs to Android and iOS devices via Bluetooth, is capable of displaying text messages, incoming calls, music, and other notifications from your smartphone. Pebble has also begun integrating custom apps, such as the fitness app RunKeeper, allowing users to customize the watch experience.

[Image courtesy of Pebble]

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