• 07.02.13

What’s Your Trick For Getting Past A Mental Block?

What do naps, Steely Dan, and walks in the park have in common? You told us that they’re the key to getting over that midday slump.

What’s Your Trick For Getting Past A Mental Block?

How do you hurdle over the afternoon hump? Let us know in the comments.


Last week, you told us about your office’s best quirks and what you keep in your desk that you can’t live without. For today, we thought we’d open up the floor for some more practical advice.

It would be a lie to say we’re productive the entire day here at Fast Company. There’s simply no way about it–last month we found out that at 2:55P.M., your productivity goes to die. We can’t help it, right?

So, with the holiday looming, and productivity at an all time low, we thought we’d ask you guys a simple question about how to overcome the mental roadblocks that pop up everyday in the workplace.

What’s your trick for getting past a mental block at work?

First step: escape the office and clear your mind!

Great advice. Not only is exercise great for creativity, it boosts your cognitive function and improves your memory. What’s that mean?

Yeah, exercise makes you smarter.

The next time you’re really tied up on an idea, take a brisk walk through the park to boost your productivity–nature inspires more than you think.


You guys have been following #unplug week, haven’t you? If not, don’t worry, we can help:

Start by revolutionizing your morning routine, and if you get stuck on an idea and need to regain focus, go analog (like, pick up an actual pen and paper). It won’t kill you to shut down Facebook for a few hours (or days)–we promise.

Besides, the most connected man in the world unplugged for a month, and it worked wonders–imagine what it can do for you.

Work on something else, or listen to some tunes, or take a nap. . .

If you’re really, really stuck on something, it’s helpful to clear your head by working on something else. Often times, releasing yourself from the stress of being stuck on a problem, is the only way to solve it!

As we mentioned at beginning of this post, your productivity goes to die at 2:55P.M. The solution to beating that post-lunch slump? Take a nap. Seriously.

Just make sure that you give your boss a heads up before that productivity-saving nap! ‘Til next time!


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How do you hurdle over the afternoon hump? Let us know in the comments.

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