First Public Space Telescope Becomes Most Successful Space Project Kickstarter Of All Time

ARKYD, the space planetary telescope for everyone, has reached its funding goal on Kickstarter, closing at just over $1.5 million. The project should be launched in 2015.

When it launched its Kickstarter campaign in May, Planetary Resources had a goal of $1 million. Now 17,614 backers have raised $1.5 million for the world’s first public space telescope, the ARKYD 100, and is the most successful space project Kickstarter of all time.


The telescope, which will do all sorts of things from monitoring unfriendly-looking asteroids to searching for alien planets and suitable space-mining locations, offered up one of the better rewards for a Kickstarter project: space selfies. For $25, investors will have their photo beamed onto the side of the satellite, with Earth in the background.

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