Google Glass Meets The Tesla Model S In “GlassTesla” App

A developer has created a Glass app that Tesla owners can use to remotely control Model S functions such as locking doors, adjusting the temperature, and even honking the horn.

Google Glass Meets The Tesla Model S In “GlassTesla” App

A San Jose-based developer has created a Google Glass app for the Tesla Model S electric car. Sahas Katta posted his GlassTesla app to a Model S forum today.

According to Kattas, Model S owners can use GlassTesla to start and stop charging vehicles based on charging status; locate and get directions to their cars on a map; check to see if the car is unlocked; and enable an “auto climate” feature that will either cool or heat the car remotely.

GlassTesla is a particularly interesting app because it taps into Glass’s potential as a remote control of sorts within the budding Internet of Things ecosystem, in which Internet-connected devices (such as Glass) can be used to control the actions of real-world, physical objects outfitted with sensors. In this case, GlassTesla can be used to control certain Model S functions such as opening and closing the sunroof, locking and unlocking the car doors, and even honking the horn or flashing the headlights.

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