So Long, Google Reader, And Thanks For All The News

Google Reader has officially passed on, is no more, ceases to be. But worry not, dear reader, because there’s a cluster of alternatives to serve your news-reading needs.

So Long, Google Reader, And Thanks For All The News

Today is death day for Google Reader, the hugely popular RSS aggregator that many used as their go-to news service. Google’s confused decision to shut it down prompted anguished fans to petition, and may have pushed LinkedIn to buy news aggregator app Pulse for $90 million. The shutdown has been great for rivals like Feedly, which reported an influx of 500,000 users after the announcement that Google Reader was on its way out.


But all those news-laden RSS feeds abandoned by Google aren’t just waving around in the digital wind–there has been a rush by many an excited tech company to create replacement readers:

Digg Reader, which launched June 26.
AOL Reader, from one of the oldest names in online news.
Facebook’s upcoming reader, which is said to be a little like Flipboard.

One thing to remember, though: Many of these apps may not be as good at searching as Google’s app. None of them seem to have figured out how to properly implement a search function.

And before you decide on a new reader, take this opportunity to “reboot” your news-reading habits so that you actually enjoy reading the news from now on. Good luck, and let us know what reader you settle down with.

[Image: By Flickr user Trevor Manteranch]

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