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Yahoo Shutters "A Few Products," Including AltaVista Search Engine

Yahoo is sharpening its focus, it says, and in the process, it's eliminating at least 12 products.

It's goodnight to a dozen Yahoo products, the firm announced over the weekend. Already dispatched into the bucket that holds and Geocities are Yahoo Axis, Browser Plus, Citizen Sports, and Yahoo's WebPlayer.

Life support for both FoxyTunes and Yahoo's RSS alerts is turned off today, the same day as Google Reader bites the dust. Next Monday—that's July 8—is the last day of AltaVista, once of Google, and Neighbors Beta, and Downloads Beta will become a late Downloads Beta on July 31.

Then all will go quiet on the Yahoo product genocide front until September 28, when Local API and Term Extraction API will be ushered out of the building by a security guard holding a purple box of tissues.