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Google's One-Million Square-Foot London HQ Will Be Over 1,000 Feet Long

The building, due to be completed in 2016, is Google's first purpose-built office outside of the U.S.

Google took the wraps off plans for its immense new London offices over the weekend. If permission is granted by the planning department of Camden Council, when completed, the building on the £650 million ($1 billion) site will be longer than the height of the Shard, London's tallest building.

At present, the firm has three sites in London, and is home to the second-largest engineering office in Europe, as well as global sales and marketing teams. This replacement, designed by AHMM, will house all of the firm's U.K. employees—a figure Reuters estimates at around several thousand. There will be a bike-park area the size of seven tennis courts, a climbing wall between floors, and room for retail space.