What’s The One Thing In Or On Your Desk That You Can’t Live Without?

Coffee. And sticky notes. We decided to ask this question and you reported.

What’s The One Thing In Or On Your Desk That You Can’t Live Without?

Everyone has something hanging around their desk that makes it unique, right? That was our hunch.


Last week, we took a fun look at the quirks specific to your (and our) offices. For a new workplace issue, we thought we’d narrow our focus down and look at those things stowed away in the depths of your desk that that you can’t live without.

What’s the one thing in or on your desk that you can’t live without?

We’re all addicted to caffeine, miss our families, and like sticky notes.

So you like coffee. . . who doesn’t?

A quick tally of your responses shows 11 mentions of the trusty ol’ brain juice. That’s okay, we love it too.

So why not get away from the desk and go for a coffee meeting?

And to those of you who went above and beyond and brought your own hardware: just don’t be this guy.


This is really sweet. It’s always nice to be reminded of where you come from, or where you’re heading in life.

Everybody likes the same things!

Post-it notes have their haters, but we think they’re great for boosting your productivity and keeping things organized. They also provide some interesting results when mixed with office boredom.

Oh, and if you ever want to take your Post-it-game to the next level, look no further.

And then some of you went a different way . . .

Just don’t burn the building down.


A pocket knife is the original smartphone. You can fix just about anything, and you’ll never expect how much you use it. If you carry one around with you, just make sure you take it off before heading to the airport.

Another great suggestion! Stress is a killer. Literally. A stress ball is a helps you calm down and regain your focus.

We also recommend meditation, which can help with just about everything.

Okay, fair point.

We’re fans of standing desks at Fast Company, it’s not only healthy to stand, but more fun than you’d think!


Of course, we could always ditch everything and work in coffee shops (that’s what all Millennial’s do, right?), apparently it makes you more creative.

That’s all for now folks Again, thanks for your answers, and see you next time!

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