The Best Front Pages Dedicated To The SCOTUS Gay Marriage Rulings

The landmark Supreme Court rulings in favor of gay marriage in the state of California were solidified on the front pages of newspapers and covers of magazines in the days that followed. Here are some of our favorites.


On June 26, the Supreme Court made two landmark rulings: The first declared a section of the Defense of Marriage Act, which prevents legally married same-sex couples from receiving key benefits, as unconstitutional; the second was a refusal to uphold California Proposition 8, the attempted ban on same-sex marriage in the state.


In the days after the decisions were announced, hundreds of newspapers, magazines, and other media outlets published creative, inspired front pages and covers. We’ve rounded up some of our favorites:

The New Yorker
Bert and Ernie, the two beloved Muppets who have been together (as “just friends” or otherwise) for more than 50 years, curl up on the couch to watch an historic moment finally unfold in the Supreme Court in “Moment of Joy,” the cover of the new issue of the New Yorker. Illustrator Jack Hunter actually submitted a version of the cover to the publication’s Blown Covers contest last year, with President Obama on the TV screen, rather than the Supreme Court justices.

The Inevitable New Yorker Spoofs
Batman and Robin? Albus Dumbledore? Who else could take the place of Bert and Ernie on that New Yorker cover? Twitter’s @darth imagines one possibility in the masked vigilante and his trusty sidekick.

The news weekly’s two April 8, 2013 covers, which featured images of male and female same-sex couples kissing under the declaration, “Gay Marriage Already Won,” went viral on social media for its provocative, stirring message. The Supreme Court hadn’t made a decision at the time, but cover story author David Von Drehle explored the cultural phenomena that, over two generations, ushered in a movement of acceptance for gay marriage.

Los Angeles Times
The paper breaks down the majority decisions and dissenting opinions of the Supreme Court justices in their deliberations over the Defense of Marriage Act and California Proposition 8.

Orange County Register

The California paper depicts a scene from the Old Orange County Courthouse, where weddings are performed. Weddings there are expected to resume after the 25-day waiting period in place for proponents of the ban to appeal, the paper reports.


San Francisco Chronicle
In a special section, the Chronicle loudly declares a “Double Victory” for California’s same-sex couples. The paper reports 37,000 same-sex couples will wed in California in the next three years, according to a forecast from UCLA’s Williams Institute.

The Week magazine
Only on rare occasions does The Week allow photographs to grace its cover. Photographs are used when a simple illustration cannot do the news justice. The publication used a snapshot of ecstatic gay marriage supporters for its new issue.

Tampa Bay Times
The Tampa Bay Times‘ free edition, tbt, does a spin on The Wizard of Oz for its cover, which proclaims, “Ding Dong, DOMA’s Dead.”

New York Post
Prominent coverage of the Supreme Court rulings was conspicuously absent from the Post‘s cover, which was dedicated to the investigation of NFL player and former Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez, who was recently charged with murder.

[Image: Flickr user Scott]