The Recommender: Matt Mankins, Fast Company’s Chief Technology Officer

The three–actually, four–best things Fast Company‘s CTO found on the Internet this week.

The Recommender: Matt Mankins, Fast Company’s Chief Technology Officer
Matt chilling (sweating) during a recent office fire drill

Name: Matt Mankins
Role at Fast Company: Chief Technology Officer
Twitter: @mankins
Titillating fact: Matt used to be “really really really” into mail art. He lived in Miami and would find coconuts in his yard, paint them, and send them to people. He also sent fossils, a puzzle, leaves, and other objects. If you get a random painted coconut in the mail, you know who it’s from.


Things he’s loving:

1. The Mumbai New York Scranton FAQ page
When I finished reading Tamara Shopsin’s book, Mumbai New York Scranton, I wanted more. So I Googled and found this site that reminded me of the best parts of the early web. I found myself clicking all the links. By the end I was satiated, and felt okay that the book was over. (No spoilers, so feel free to click)

2. Memrise
I’ve been trying to brush up on my Spanish, and find this site amazingly fun and effective. Memrise “grows” your memory through planting the concepts, watering them, and harvesting them at just the right time. I’m pretty excited about how the educational system is evolving and adapting to new scientific studies.

3. Brooklyn Problems
My wife has a side project illustrating “Brooklyn Problems”–things she’s overheard or experienced on the streets of our borough. She recently coined “the Gauntlet of Charity,” which makes me miss sniglet calendars that I used to have in the ’90s.

4. Mameshiba
An extra recommendation, because this was the link that got the most laughs when it was shared around the office this week.

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