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See How Much Instagram Video Has Affected Vine Usage

The day after Instagram video launched, mentions of Vine on Twitter dropped by half a million.

See How Much Instagram Video Has Affected Vine Usage

A simple graph by Internet analytics firm Topsy shows the effect Instagram's video function has had on Vine. According to the BBC, the six-second video app had half a million fewer mentions on Twitter the day after the Facebook-owned firm Instagram launched its video functionality. While both sites have seen a drop in usage usage since June 20, Instagram seems to be faring far better than Vine, which has barely made up any of the ground it lost.

Until recently, the stats were looking good for Vine—the number of Vines posted on Twitter have almost doubled in the last few months—but there is no doubt that Instagram's disruptive entrance into the mobile movie market will impact the Twitter-owned service, loyal fans or not.