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Where Are They Now?

Facebook Starts Testing New Chat Rooms Feature In The Wild

Hosts will be able to kick out anyone they don't want inside the chat. Expeleamus!

Facebook is quietly testing a chat room service for its users, says TechCrunch. Called Host Chat, the multi-user feature will allow friends to join chat rooms without needing a password—reminiscent, the report says, of those old AOL chat forums of yore, and very much a competitor to Google's Hangouts.

The concept—and M.O. is super simple, it seems. Users will be able to see in their news feeds if a friend is hosting a chat about some subject or other. They can jump in merely by clicking on the Host Chat button, which is located next to the Update Status and Post Photos/Videos buttons. Hosts have the power both to limit entrance as well as expelling anyone they don't want inside the chat room.

Oh so Mean Girls.