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Google Tries Another Hardware Arena With Gaming Console And Smartwatch Rumors

Take that, Apple, as Google tries to muscle into the world's living rooms—and wrists.

Google is heading into the gaming arena, says the Wall Street Journal. According to a source, Mountain View is working on a gaming console, as well as working on other hardware applications, including a smartwatch and a new version of its Nexus Q streaming console, which was never released in the public domain.

The reason for Google's sudden interest in gaming stems from the fact that the market for Android games is growing more rapidly than for those made by gaming's three big names, Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft. Google, however, is not gunning for the existing triumvirate with its console plans, but rather for Apple, thought to be developing a gaming console as part of the next Apple TV iteration.

As Fast Company has previously reported, those smartwatch rumors will put Google right in the way of Apple, whose plans on the smartwatch front are thought to be the most developed. (Although it must be said that for those of us watching out for the iWatch note it's gone awfully quiet of late.)