Watch A Squeaky Clean Video Pitch For Illegal Drug Website Atlantis

The digital dealer of dank, skunk, and everything in between tears a page out of every new online business’s marketing manual.

This video for online entity Atlantis could be advertising almost any online service. With upbeat startup music, a quirky typeface, and its own character, you wonder: Is it a new music streaming service? Something to do with the sharing economy, perhaps? Atlantis is actually a virtual black market for drugs:


Atlantis is eager to share its expertise with as many people as possible–in fact, its CEO did a Reddit AMA a couple of weeks ago. Atlantis reckons that, since all of its transactions are done using virtual currency, that is enough to protect its users’ anonymity.

And user satisfaction is high. Just look at this endorsement, also on the Reddit AMA.

Atlantis has a leader board which shows the top vendors, so buyers can go to one place to find the most reputable vendors. The Atlantis site is very fast compared to Silk Road, the site just works so much better. The development at Atlantis is top notch, and they are very receptive to ideas and fast at implementing them.

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