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Microsoft Unveils Windows 8.1 Preview

The Start button is back in the new version of Windows, a preview of which was released today for developers.

Microsoft Unveils Windows 8.1 Preview

On Wednesday, Microsoft released a preview of Windows 8.1, its PC operating system. One of the biggest changes? The Start button is back after it was removed from Windows 8, which left users with a tiled interface instead of a traditional desktop menu. The move to scrap the Start button was controversial, so the return of the Start button in Windows 8.1 is being cheered.

Other changes include improved app functionality and new tile sizes. There is a new built-in search tool as well as a new Xbox music experience. Also, users can now turn the PC or tablet screen into a picture frame by making the Lock screen a photo slide show. Here's a full list of Windows 8.1 changes.