Nike, “The Ellen Show” Among Brands Doing Great Business On Instagram

Latest Insta-statistics from Nitrogram use both audience and contributor figures to calculate a brand’s popularity. Nike and Starbucks are at the top, while The Ellen Show currently has the most followers.

Nitrogram, an Instagram analytics platform, has created a leaderboard listing the brands that are winning the Instagram game. Nitrogram 50 ranks the most popular brands and pages based on follower count and the number of posts made using a brand’s specific hashtag.


At the top of the list is Nike, with more than 1.6 million followers and 13 million hashtag posts. Also in the top five are Starbucks and Victoria’s Secret. The most followed brand overall is The Ellen Degeneres Show, with more than 2.4 million followers.

The leaderboard can be filtered to show results from the last month, week, or day. Companies can also filter the list to display only competitors within their industry. By Nitrogram’s standards, Facebook, which bought Instagram for $1 billion, is only the 57th best-performing brand on Instagram.

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