AOL Launches Google Reader Alternative: AOL Reader

Anyone with an AOL email account now has access to AOL’s RSS aggregation tool, which arrives as the Google Reader shutdown looms.

Google Reader will officially shut down on July 1, and as a result, it seems everyone is trying to get into the RSS aggregation business, including AOL. The company just launched its news reader, aptly named AOL Reader.


The tool works much like many of the other RSS readers, organizing content based on a user’s viewing preferences. Adding a feed requires only pressing the plus sign on the upper left corner of the page. A user can also import content subscriptions from readers, which is key for Google Reader transplants. Content can be marked as a “favorite” or “read.” And of course, content can be easily shared via social media and email. Here’s a snapshot:

News of Google Reader’s demise initially boosted Feedly’s user base by 500,000 (here are some other Google Reader alternatives). Last week, Digg announced its reader would be available starting June 26.

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