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Bing Launches "Bing For Schools"

The search engine is giving classrooms a new way to search the Web, with the promise of privacy and well-filtered search results.

Bing, the nation's number two search engine with a 17% market share, as compared to Google's 66%, just announced a unique offering for education: Bing For Schools.

Launching later this year, the search engine will offer an opt-in experience to K-12 schools with enhanced privacy protections, filters for inappropriate content, and most notably, no ads.

Coming on the heels of President Obama's pledge earlier this month to bring broadband to 99% of the nation's schools within five years, Bing for Schools is another sign of an increasingly wired education system. If the opt-in program catches on, it could seed brand loyalty at an early age.
Google has a wide range of free education apps but no dedicated ad-free experiences for schools.