Dropbox CEO Shares Screenshot Of His Bank Account The Moment His Company Raised Its First Million

Dropbox CEO Drew Houston recently returned to his alma mater, MIT, to deliver the commencement address.

Houston has since annotated a version of the speech that’s now up on Rap Genius, the hip-hop lyrics decoder that also demystifies poetry, recipes, and news articles.

Among Houston’s annotations: A screenshot of his bank account, showing the moment when he reaped the benefits of Dropbox’s first-ever funding round–$1.2 million from Sequoia Capital.

“For a 24-year-old, this is Christmas–and opening your present is hitting refresh over and over on and watching your company’s checking account go from 60 dollars to 1.2 million dollars. At first, I was ecstatic–that number has two commas in it! I took a screenshot–but then I was sick to my stomach. Someday these guys are going to want this back. What the hell have I gotten myself into?”

Among Houston’s first purchases is a $17.35 splurge at Radio Shack.CC