FTC Investigating Google Purchase Of Waze

Yet more antitrust shenanigans for the search engine giant, after consumer groups expressed concern that the $1.3 billion acquisition of Israeli mapping firm Waze will put Google in an unassailable position in the market.

Google has confirmed that the Federal Trade Commission is looking into its recent $1.3 billion purchase of social navigation firm Waze. Consumer groups are worried the purchase of the Israeli company will give Google–already the dominant force in U.S. mapping services–an unassailable edge against the competition.


Although Google says it has no current plans to merge Waze–which is staying in Israel for the time being–with its own maps team, there is no guarantee this will remain the case. The investigation adds another layer of scrutiny to the firm, which has recently been hit with a number of antitrust and privacy broadsides from the authorities on both sides of the Atlantic.

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