Instagram Or Vine: Snap Judgment

Instagram’s new video capabilities have some predicting death for Twitter’s six-second video app. But to others, adding video to an app known for pretty pictures is the wrong angle.

Instagram Or Vine: Snap Judgment

Today, Instagram announced its new feature: video functionality. Instagram videos can be up to 15 seconds long and come with 13 of its own new customized filters to choose from. The videos will appear within users’ Instagram feed and play automatically.

Immediately after the announcement, Twitter exploded with chatter about the impending doom of Vine, Twitter’s six-second video app:

But while video may be the most logical next step for Instagram, it could also backfire by annoying users who use Instagram for photos and nothing more. Let’s be honest, Instagram is often a dumping ground for boring selfies and floral espresso designs. Do we really want those in video form alongside our photos? One of the best parts about Vine is that it forces you to be creative. This creativity could be lost when given a full 15 seconds to play with. Some Vine evangelists had similar sentiments:

Today Vine rolled out a redesign and has recently seen explosive growth and popularity after launching its Android app. This month, Vine users posted more videos on Twitter than Instagram users posted photos. But Instagram already has an established 100 million users, all of which will have the new video functionality available in their feed without exerting extra effort. It will be interesting to see if Vine’s growth continues with this new competitor in the social video business.


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