Doug Aitken’s “Station To Station” Train Ride Blows Its Whistle

Details are emerging about Doug Aitken‘s nomadic artist train ride that we first reported on in May.

Beck, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Carsten Holler, and Kenneth Anger are just a few of the artists and musicians who will be appearing with the project, called “Station To Station: A Nomadic Happening.”

The nine-wagon train will be fitted with a jacket of LED lights that will change color with the train’s speed and the weather. The entire concept will, of course, be available for armchair travellers, thanks to partnerships with Wired and Instagram.

Executive producer Molly Logan knows that this last point is crucial to the whole happening. “This whole thing will be successful if someone sitting in Tokyo can go online and experience a happening in another city,” she said, “and it’s not a voyeuristic second prize but a real experience.”

Of course, no long-distance train journey would be complete without a trip to the buffet car–chefs Alice Waters of Chez Panisse and Leif Hedendal will be providing the eats on the journey, which starts in New York this September and rolls its way to California.

The festival’s name comes from a David Bowie album, and the trip itself is inspired by the 1970 “Festival Express” headlined by The Grateful Dead and Janis Joplin. But “Station To Station” is shaping up to be a more original take on the cross-country train ride that so many people have tried and failed to make successful.AD