Vine’s Redesign Teased Ahead Of Rumored Instagram Video Reveal

Vine is getting a makeover, and we’re hearing about it just before Facebook is rumored to be bringing video capabilities to Instagram.

So what’s the new Vine like? It has a more user-friendly interface and allows users to work on more than one Vine at once. It may also offer curated categories of videos to help users discover new and interesting content. Also, a private messaging system may be in the works.

The reveal happened late yesterday when cofounders Dom Hofmann and Rus Yusupov tweeted Vine videos showing the upgrades. Vine became the number one app in the U.S. app store just six months after its launch. Kept as a separate entity to Twitter, albeit one that is closely linked to the social network, Vine has been skyrocketing in popularity–perhaps even more so recently since its launch on Android.

Today, Instagram is rumored to be getting a video-sharing facility to go alongside its popular photo-sharing power, which makes the Vine update timing interesting.KE