France Says Google Infringes Data Privacy Rules

French authorities have looked into how Google handles its users’ data and has decided the company is in breach of privacy laws. Google has three months to comply or face sanctions.

France’s data protection agency has determined that Google‘s current business practices are in breach of local regulations regarding how the company treats user data. Now, Google must comply with a number of changes to its policy and practices within three months to avoid sanctions.


Going forward, Google must ensure user data is not retained beyond the “period necessary for the purposes for which they are collected.” It also has to let users understand “practically the processing of their personal data,” and obtain user consent before storing cookies.

France has previously acted against technology companies, particularly Google, which it says break local laws. For example, it recently promised to levy a tax on smartphones and tablets, and a tax for data-mining. Google has previously complained about France’s one-year limit for user data storage.

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