Not All To-Do Lists Are Created Equal–Here’s How To Do Yours

Every day, our to-do list gets filled with various tasks. But not all “to-do’s” are created equal. Far from it.

Unfortunately, our natural tendency is to start with the small, easy tasks first, and push back the big, important ones because they’re more uncomfortable.

That’s a costly mistake that greatly reduces our productivity while increasing our stress levels. It makes us focus on things that don’t always matter, and creates anxiety about finally facing the tasks we’ve been avoiding all day.

If you’re committed to becoming the best entrepreneur you can be, make a habit of identifying the most important item on your to-do list (the Big Ugly Frog) and immediately starting your work day with that task. No email, no Facebook, no distraction. Get right into it.

This will give you great momentum for the rest of the day and reduce your tendency to procrastinate.

And best of all, instead of getting stuck in busywork and wondering why you’re not getting more done, it will guarantee that each day you’re taking concrete steps toward moving your business forward.

Phil Drolet is a performance coach in Boulder, ColoradoSS