National Geographic, Now On Google Glass

National Geographic announced details of its new Google Glass apps, which will port pictures and headlines to users’ glasses.

National Geographic and the New America Foundation announced this morning the release of new Google Glass apps. The National Geographic app consists of a feed from their Your Shot community and updated headlines from their main site, while fewer details are available on the think tank app except that it will be called Think Bubbles. “We love the idea of sharing our highly visual content with Google Glass users and learning more about what works best on the device,” National Geographic Chief Creative Officer Bill Marr said in a statement.

Both apps were developed by Silica Labs, a Washington, D.C., startup (National Geographic is headquartered there) whose SimpleWing product turns RSS feeds into Google Glass apps. Due to Digg Reader, Feedly, and the rumored Facebook RSS product, there has been increased techie interest lately in RSS feeds–and new products to build around them.

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