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Where Are They Now?

Fab Raises Additional $150 Million

The e-commerce site lands new investors, including Chinese Internet giant Tencent, bringing its total investment to $310 million.

Fab Raises Additional $150 Million

Fab was worth around $1 billion before it raised another $150 million in what is just the first part of its Series D-round funding effort.

In total, the company has now raised $310 million in cash, with the new money coming from a variety of investors including Andreessen Horowitz and Chinese Internet giant Tencent. Additional cash is expected to be injected into the company, which is said to have made about $150 million in revenues last year, over the next few months.

Fab, which we called the fastest growing e-commerce site on the web, recently said it wanted to develop and sell its own original products, recruiting designers and students to help it do so.

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