Tesla Recalls Some Model S Cars Due To Seat Safety Defect

Concerned that the mounting bracket that holds the back seats in some Model S cars is defective, Tesla has issued a partial recall for its electric car.

Tesla’s Model S cars are among the more famous all-electric vehicles, but Tesla is making headlines today for a less positive reason: It is recalling any Model S cars that were made between May 10, 2013 and June 8, 2013, due to concerns that a defect in one of the brackets of the car’s rear seats may be a safety issue in the event of a crash.


In a blog post, Tesla stressed the weld in question has not detached “on any car,” and there had not yet been any customer complaints or injuries.

Tesla is due to demonstrate its key battery-swapping tech this week, a potential solution for the long delays that come with recharging the current generation of electric cars.

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