Officials Press Larry Page On Google Glass Privacy Issues

The 10 signatories have also asked for a personal demo of the device. From Larry Page himself?


Ten heads of various data protection authorities signed a letter to Google’s CEO Larry Page regarding privacy issues and Google Glass.


The letter, which urges more openness from the firm about its newly-hatched wearable headset, is published on the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner’s website. It is signed by representatives from Mexico, New Zealand, Israel, Canada, Australia and Switzerland. In it, they ask how the technology complies with data protection laws, what the privacy safeguards are, what information it collects and how Google uses it.

Other thorny issues include:

  • Google’s attitude about facial recognition in future Glass iterations.
  • The “broader social and ethical issues raised by such a product, for example, the surreptitious collection of information about other individuals.”
  • What privacy risk assessments the firm has taken.

Finally, the undersigned request a personal demonstration of the device in the various privacy offices to “allow any interested data protection authorities to test it.”

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