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Tumblr's Media Director Quits

Mark Coatney, Tumblr's media director and "media evangelist," left the building with a Mad Men reference.

Mark Coatney, one of Tumblr's earliest hires and the primary media evangelist at the now Yahoo-acquired blogging site, announced that he was leaving the company earlier today via (of course) his personal Tumblr.

His goodbye post included the cryptic tags "Doors And Windows," "Is This A Door Or A Window?" and "Honestly That Monologue Confused Me Some." When reached via Facebook, Coatney said that these tags were references to Mad Men's season six premiere. Coatney left shortly after creative director Jacob Bijani departed, and a month after Tumblr's editorial team was let go.

Amateur Yahoo kremlinologists working at home may want to take note that the company's pattern in past acquisitions has included centralization of public relations and media outreach efforts. Despite Marissa Mayer's new turn at Yahoo, the company's bureaucracy may not change as quickly as expected.