How Do You #Unplug?

We asked and you shared with us your tips for stepping away from screens. Turns out it’s not that scary!

How Do You #Unplug?

We’re three days into #unplug week, and still going strong!


Yesterday, you told us what you miss most about life before the digital age. So if you want to return to the world of handwritten letters, or just catch a break from the constant barrage of tweets and emails, what do you do? We asked, and you delivered.

How do you unplug? Step away from the Internet for a few hours? Leave your phone behind on weekends?

Since we can’t all cut ourselves away from the world for almost a month, we begin with some easier quick fixes.

Some of you suggested simply removing the ability to use technology.

When was the last time you used a real map, or simply enjoyed the feeling of getting lost? Wise words from Ong–wandering around (unplugged) is a way to discover things you would otherwise never see.

If you can handle the bugs and don’t find the woods terrifying, camping’s a great way to unplug. All you need is a tent! And if you really need a break from the ol’ iPhone, there’s a camping trip made especially for you.

This one counts, we think, because Mike has two hands on the wheel. Right, Mike?


As much as we support unplugging, we don’t condone driving 150 mph on any public road. That said, a classic car, or any hobby really, is a great way to escape.

And who knows, in a few years’ time, driving your own car may be as much of a novelty as writing a letter. Who doesn’t love cruising on the open road?

Speaking of hobbies, and related activities, that’s what the rest of you suggested.

Classic! Who doesn’t have a garbled mess of board games somewhere in their house? What a great way to reconnect with the people you love, and have some good, clean fun in the process.

Just make sure you know what you’re getting into and have the time to do it–Risk and Monopoly, we’re looking at you.

Keep your head up, though, they’re coming for our screens.


We like you, Ernie. Not only because you spent hours plugging coins into a pinball machine, but also because you recognize that unplugging can really be applied to anything in life. Sometimes you’ve just got to step away, give yourself some perspective, and then return with a clear head.

Hey Jim, whatever floats your boat. We don’t mind bugs, as long as they aren’t, say, cyborg cockroaches that can be controlled with your iPhone. . .

Don’t worry, Mike, we’ve got you covered! Seriously, here are a few tips of our own to help you get started.

We know unplugging might seem scary, but it’s really not. And you never know what you might learn about yourself–and those around you.

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