NASA Picks 8 New Astronauts

NASA has revealed its astronaut candidate class of 2013, selecting 8 possible future space-farers from over 6,100 applicants. These are the people who may one day, just possibly, go to Mars.

It took NASA about 18 months to sift through over 6,100 applications, but it has finally revealed the four men and four women who make up the astronaut class of 2013.


Remember these names–they’ll be inspiring innovators and school children for years to come, and some of them may one day be as famous as Neil Armstrong:

Josh A. Cassada, Victor J. Glover, Tyler N. Hague (Nick), Christina M. Hammock, Nicole Aunapu Mann, Anne C. McClain, Jessica U. Meir, Andrew R. Morgan.

The list of applicants was the largest NASA’s ever had, which is likely due to the important of the missions these future astronauts may get to go on: One day they’ll get to shepherd asteroids into orbit around the moon, and just maybe roam around on the surface of Mars.

The candidates will undergo rigorous scientific and physical training starting soon.

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