Are You Our Next Writer/Coder In Residence?

We’re asking developers who are solving problems in the media business to tell us what they think about the future of publishing, video, and audio. The goal: Figure out what this industry will look like in the next 10 years–and who is leading the disruption.

Are You Our Next Writer/Coder In Residence?

Yesterday we posted a story about why we need open-source blog platforms. That post was written by a guest author John O’Nolan, who is running the non-profit open-source blog project called Ghost. Despite being a non-profit, O’Nolan was accused (by commenters we presume didn’t read first) of posting an “advertorial” for his project.


When you make a software project you’re proud of, it’s because you think something is broken and you believe (with some time and energy) you can set things right. For makers like O’Nolan, you risk being labeled a zealot or a hater. But certainly not a profiteer.

We’re looking for guest posts from engineers or developers building a product that solves an invisible but important problem in the business of content, media, publishing, magazines, books, music, or video. We want to hear about your expertise, and how you view the market. It’s about what lessons you have to teach the other people who read this site–not self-promotion. If you’ve achieved product-market fit, congratulations, but we’re not interested. If you care about something important–like the state of open-source software–the way O’Nolan does, and you’re putting sweat and blood into the problem, then you’re the guest writer for us.

Why? Because hardly anyone one is covering publishing and media from a deep technical angle. What are going to be the standards we all support? What are the open-source projects we all need? How can we help each other get off legacy systems? How should we think about video and audio and social? Why do we even exist, now that any brand or individual can produce and distribute high-quality content? What is the job of an editor, and what are the tools they need?

We want to create a conversation between makers, readers, editors, and business to figure out what our industry will look like in the next 10 years–and who is leading the disruption.

So from now on, we will label our guest posts loud and clear with the following disclosure:

This is a guest post written by one of our Writer/Coders in residence. We’re welcoming designers and developers who are thinking about the next generation of media to tell stories about the code behind the content business. If you’ve got a story to tell, reach out to our editor on Twitter.

In the future, perhaps we’ll formalize this guest series a little more, but we’re starting lean. If there are people you think we should talk to, let me know on Twitter.


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