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U.S. Spy Establishment: We Need To Redo Our Maps

The shadowy National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency wants to overhaul the way America's intelligence establishment uses maps and charts.

The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA), a relatively little known spy agency which handles mapping and charting for the Defense Department and the intelligence establishment, wants to overhaul their product. According to Frank Konkel of FCW, the NGA wants to redo their entire geospatial model. Due to an increasing volume in demands for map and chart data from the Pentagon, the agency is seeking a contractor to convert their holdings into text and Open Geospatial Consortium formats.

Apart from conventional maps, the NGA also handles raw data used for mission planning, aircraft navigation, and flight management by America's military and intelligence communities. The NGA currently passes this information on to other agencies in formats which are not easily shared, causing time constraints and wasting unnecessary resources in the process.